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Truck/Wheel Combo Comparison

Comparison of truck/wheel combos.

Top: Ace 55 trucks (original version) with OJ 54mm 92a wheels - typical center-set newschool wheels. Bottom: Indy 159s, 54mm 93a Powell-Peralta Nano Cubics - side-set wheels with more coverage of the axle nut.

Essentially the same footprint from outside edges of wheels. Fits this 8.8" popsicle deck, and would work on a 9" deck as well. Probably too wide for a narrower board, even just a bit narrower. Both fit this board perfectly.

Other pic - comparison of outside wheel profile. The Nano Cubics, while they do offer some offset and protection of the axle and axle nut, don’t offer nearly as much as the many dedicated freestyle wheels on the market.

It will be interesting to see how different the Nano Cubics feel. Wider contact patch, which will get significantly wider as the wheel wears down. Much more so than a typical street wheel. Close to the same hardness on both sets of wheels, but the Powell urethane will feel a lot different. Also expecting to feel the lip of the Nano Cubics deforming as I skate, but not too bad.

I really have no need for an offset wheel for this sort of setup, but I wanted to try the 93a Powell-Peralta formula.

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