b.loftin2's skateboarding journal


Well, I set this board back up as one of my regular “riders” yesterday. This is one of my favorite decks ever. A Knucklehead model from Fickle Skateboards, hand-made by Lew Ross.

For the way I skate, Lew’s concave is the best. All curves - no sharp angles. I love it. (see the image comparing the Fickle concave to my current board from Heroin, which I like).

The Knucklehead just works for me. I take good care of it.

I love the feel of “heft” that it has when I swing it around. I has just enough to feel like it flows really well, but not enough to feel sluggish. In the video clip, when I whip it around in the pivot, I can really feel that flow.