b.loftin2's skateboarding journal

Waiting to skate

My wife took this picture of me and my cat this past Sunday as I waited for Dale to come get me to go skate.

It is not an exageration to say that a large percentage of my life has been spent waiting to go skate. I may be doing something else. I may be at work. I may be doing something else that’s fun. But there is always a subroutine running in the background that is just waiting to go skate. Sometimes the wait is short. Sometimes it is all winter. Honestly, since age 11 I’m not sure that subroutine has ever rally been turned off. Maybe the years 1990-1998 when I barely stepped a board, as I got married, went to grad school, and started a career. But that’s about it, and one could argue it was still running. Certainly I always had a board and I was still alway scanning for spots.