b.loftin2's skateboarding journal

Morning Albums

I don’t listen to two albums every morning, or even one every day, but on the weekends we do normally listen to one or two in the morning. It’s a great ritual. As I have blabbered about elsewhere and probably here, the stereo is one of my few real “extravagances”. Other than skateboards and coffee. I don’t count tabletop RPGs as an extravagance because I don’t really buy that much stuff.

The Chameleons will be in town soon. Sadly we are not going. We’re still not ready to go into a crowded club and breath in the public pathogens in that quantity or variety. We saw them a few years ago and it was fantastic. Top 10 band – probably top 5 – for both of us.

We are slowly building up our LP collection for bands like this we really love.